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Experienced Sheffield musician, Paul Newman makes music accessible for hundreds of people every week.

He sings regularly at some of Sheffield and South Yorkshire’s most prestigious venues including a weekly residency at Cubana (twice voted Sheffield’s top night out award).

Singing from a repertoire of over a thousand songs, he is first choice for many a night out, running his own mailing list and always busy with weddings, parties and festivals.

A singing teacher and leader of two well-being choirs, both of which have a “Can’t Sing? Won’t Sing? – This is the choir for you!” policy. His relaxed manner inspires participation, willingness and fun.

As a well-being practitioner he aims to compose songs which point towards wellness in some way, from musical mantras for well-being, occasion-specific songs and holding poem and song councils from his home.

Other projects have included preparing bespoke events such as the Pirate Kiddeoke for Victorious Festival, Portsmouth and the Wham-Bam-Shaman-Glam-Band for Rainbow 2000. A long history of working the public, private, and third sectors, as a coach,  teacher and performer with  diverse individuals and organisations such as Forest Schools, residential homes, AGM’s, book launches, fundraising events, agriculture…

Powerful, warm and inclusive, Paul’s uplifting style always entertains.

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